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It's seriously so cold outside it's not even funny! Morgan is napping and Jason went to the farm to get more firewood ... So right now me, CoCo and Bo are hanging out in front of the fireplace.
Yesterday I purchased gifts for Amber's baby shower. Between Christmas and yesterday I've spent well over $300. Do you think that's enough?? I guess I'm just feeling really bad for her because she is gonna struggle so much with this baby. She's not breastfeeding...which I'd's her choice...but I guess I just think since money is gonna be so tight to begin with, why not at least try. Formula is expensive!! I know even though I had such a terrible breastfeeding experience the first time, I'm still going to give it another go next time and pray it works out. I just pray she steps up and is a good Mom. It's pretty easy to be a good Mom...but it's also easy to be a bad Mom. I hope she makes the right decision. And God knows I've been praying to him so, so, so much to make this baby ok!
JJ and his wife are no longer going to try couseling...the are divorcing for sure.
Let 2010 be better than 2009 was!!

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i hate the cold. i had to go out today because three light bulbs blew this weekend and i couldn't take it anymore. i'm dreading going back to work on monday in it.

who is amber? a friend? i get worried about people i know when they decide to have kids. i don't even have my own, but its hard for me to picture certain people having kids (especially at certain points in their lives). are there complications with her pregnancy that would make you think the baby wouldn't be ok?

sad about the divorce. how long have they been married?

Amber is my 24 year old cousin who has had a lot of issues. She got arrested for a DUI in September and found out while in jail she was pregnant. After going to the ob-gyn she found out she was 5 months along. Everytime I say that it makes me sick. She has no college degree, works part time as a waitress and lives with my Aunt and Uncle. And her ex, who she says is the Father, has no idea she's having a baby in a matter of 4 weeks or so. It's just a bad situation..I'm praying the baby doesn't have FAS. Sorry that was a novel!
My brother and his wife have been married for 4 1/2 years...

I am so sorry for your brother. =(

I hope Amber gets her shit together.. for everyone's sake.. esp the baby. =(

I feel so bad for him too...mostly because he spent 12 years on a relationship that didn't last. And I'm praying she'll get it together too. I hope being there for her will sorta be a good influence for her..

It's freezing here in Chicago, too. We're currently at our high for the day, 12 degrees, but the wind chill has brought it down to -8 degrees. :(

I hope Amber pulls it together, for the sake of the baby. And wow, FAS is a possibility, isn't it? That is frightening.

I'm sorry about your brother and sister-in-law.

It's 18 degrees's just too cold!
FAS scares me more than anything. His brain looks great fom the ultrasounds, but with FAS there can be problems that don't sow up until he'll be school aged.
I hope my brother makes it through this fairly easy...

My sister had a rough time breastfeeding with her first child (a girl, she would never latch on etc.), but she just had a baby boy and aside from a small bout of mastitis it has been really easy for her to breastfeed him and she loves it!

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