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So Morgan ended up getting sick Monday. She was throwing was so bad. She's finally feeling better, and that makes me happy. Sick babies make me sad and tired!

My boss is seriously an ass. Once again, he has made comments about being a mother and work. My co-worker, the only person who has been here longer than me is leaving (she started a month before me). Her husband got an awesome job, so they are moving out of state. She went in and said that I am highly qualified for the job, and he told her when I started I would be doing what she is doing, which of course never happened, so she reminded him of that. I then went in and plead my case to him. I've been here 2.5 years, I took this job as a stepping stone, not a permanent position, and I want a change. He told me that he thinks, "As a young mother, I take my role as a Mom very seriously, and he just doesn't think I can be a Mom and do this job as well."

He also used the example that I stayed home with Morgan when she was sick. If I was really dedicated to work, I would have let someone else take care of her. *fuming!!!!!!*

WHAT!?!?! Can't he get into trouble for something like that? He's basically saying because I chose to become a Mom, I don't get a promotion that I was TOLD I would get when I took this job.

I'm so beyond pissed. I dunno what to do? Do I fight with him about this? Do I go to HR about him. Do I just keep my mouth shut and find another job? I'm seriously at a loss. I'm mad as hell though. Why can't I be a mother and have a career if I chose to? Can working Mom's only have "administrative jobs"? Last time I checked, that wasn't the case, but this old egotistical man thinks so.

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Next time you talk to him about it, I would bring a mini recorder (though, depending on local laws, you may have to disclose you are recording...), and I would definitely report it to HR. That would be discrimination. If it continues, you may look into an attorney...

(((((((Morgan)))))) Poor lil baby. =( I hope by now she's completely over it.

No advice on the job thing, I have no experience with that kinda thing.. but wow.. what a jerk. =/

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